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Welcome to the World of Casino Gaming

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John Marchel Enterprises is a casino gaming information store which specializes in providing a wide range of quality gambling information and services to both the novice casino player and the expert alike. This specialized How to Win gambling information will help those players, who subscribe to John Marchel Enterprises products and services, to play successfully in any gaming casino in the United States and throughout the world..

There is no such thing as a bad player- only an untrained one...


Blackjack Seminar

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Featured is a 3-hour hands-on seminar on how to play WINNING BLACKJACK (or how to stop losing at the casinos). The seminar covers basic rules, card value, basic strategy, player options, money management, record keeping, casino awareness, strategic table and seat selection, plus an introduction to card counting.

Numerous handouts are provided along with demonstrations, drills and practice techniques. A reading list is also provided to continue your winning ways in blackjack.

This class is for the beginner or the seasoned player who wants to improve his or her game.

To book this presentation for your organization or obtain information on the next seminar call: 916-484-5673 or email us at


Join Our Newsletter

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You need information every day to help remain ahead.

The Gaming Bulletin newsletter will give you news, tips, and winning techniques of blackjack and gaming. Sometimes humorous but always information packed to keep you alert to the complicated and changing world of casino blackjack and gaming.

The Gaming Bulletin newsletter will help you in your everyday learning of blackjack. It will keep you consistently aware on where the good blackjack games are. Understand what surrender  is and how to use it to your advantage in playing blackjack. How to practice, where and why you should sit in an advantage position at the blackjack table. And much, much more.

12 issues per year.

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